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Thin Belts
Signature Collection

The Ritch Luxe Signature Collection brings its distinctive flair to a stunning array of belts, marrying traditional luxury with contemporary design. We expertly fashion these belts from the finest Italian leather, celebrated for its supple texture and enduring quality. Each piece in the collection stands as a testament to refined taste, designed to enrich the wardrobe of the fashion-forward and glamorous individual. Highlighted by their unique, jewelry-inspired buckles, these belts serve as functional accessories and striking statements of style. Ideal for cinching the waist with sophistication, they offer a seamless blend of form and function, adding a polished finishing touch to both day-to-day and evening looks. This collection redefines the boundaries of luxury accessories, ensuring an elevated and memorable fashion statement.


 3 Signature Ritch Luxe Belt Buckles

buckle inspired by the shiny silver platinum look  jewelry with black onyx gemstone 

inspired by the bright gold look with a black onyx gemstone

Inspired by bronze look with a light brown gemstone

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